Apache – Jörgen Ingmann 1961

Marzec 17, 2015 3:36 am
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„Apache”, written by English songwriter Jerry Lordan, is based on the inspiration he drew from the 1954 American western movie Apache. Danish jazz guitarist Jörgen Ingmann recorded this cover version of „Apache” in 1961 that hit #2 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, #9 on the R&B chart, and reached #1 in Canada. The song was initially recorded by UK guitarist Burt Weedon, however, it was the British group The Shadows cover version that made it a hit in the UK in 1961 and was cited by guitarists as one of the most inspirational and influential British rock records prior to The Beatles. In recent times, the song title was placed on the 100 Greatest Guitar instrumentals list. Guitarist Hank Marvin, of The Shadows, is credited with giving the song its distinctive guitar echo and vibrato effect.

„Apache” has been covered by many including the popular American instrumental rock band The Ventures, and American jazz, country, and pop guitarist Al Caiola. A vocal version was released by country singer Sonny James in 1961.

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