PAUL VAN DYK „For An Angel”

Marzec 17, 2015 5:33 am
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I’m not sure why everyone seems to want to watch this „off-line” version with timecode. The original „butterfly” version now posted on my channel….it’s better quality (just) and has the „butterfly” sequence in the middle.
Anyway, Berlin’s top DJ and all round good egg tries to be cool in the sweltering heat of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.
This is the PG version. The X rated version features butterflies on Paul’s face…he didn’t like the butterflies much.
The true stars of this video are obviosly the two young girls playing football (Up the Boro),
and the beach at Xpuha….sadly that is now home to an all inclusive resort (booo hisss).
Thanks to Xcaret eco park for the spiffing caves and all that.
Timecode on this copy.

Category: Przeboje 1998

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