Polish Tango: Szkoda twoich łez, dziewczyno – Jerzy Połomski (1960)

Marzec 17, 2015 3:32 am
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Jerzy Połomski & Sekcja Rytmiczna Kazimierza Turewicza (Kazimierz Turewicz Rhythmicians) — Szkoda twoich łez, dziewczyno [There’s No Use Crying, Girl…] — Tango (Artur Gold /Andrzej Włast), Muza 1960 (Polish)

NOTE: This fabulous Artur Gold’s tango was first performed in 1929 in Warsaw, in the Morskie Oko show „Cała Warszawa” (All of Warsaw). The stage setting was the marina tavern, where abandoned dancer girl cries out her sorrows into a glass of wine. And that’s how goes the list line in the refrain: „So, don’;t cry, girl, for everything has its end in life / and nothing remains, but just this wine in your glass…”. Sung by Polish „Queen of Tango” Stanisława Nowicka (a girl) and handsome actor & dancer Tadeusz Olsza (her unfaithful lover) it made enormous success. Recorded through decades by various Polish performers, it’s been until now one of the best remembered interwar Polish hit songs. Jerzy Połomski — who was a rather schmaltzy Polish popular singer of the 1960s — recorded in the year 1960 a nice series of prewar hits for Muza. Those records were still the 78 rpm. shellacs and due to the band’s sophisticated arrangement as well as Połomski’s faithfulness in recreating the singing style of the 1930s, they almost mimetically imitate prewar recordings.

See also the prewar version from 1929, performed by Tadeusz Faliszewski http://youtu.be/CppbkqUbk7A

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