Rena Rolska – Zawsze będzie czegos ci brak, 1960

Marzec 17, 2015 3:32 am
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Rena Rolska & Zespół Taneczny Wiesława Machana – Zawsze będzie czegoś ci brak (There will always be something you long for) English waltz (J.Markowski – W.Stępień) Pronit c.1960 (Polish)

NOTE: Rena Rolska was already presented here a couple of times in her most interesting repertoire – in her re-makes of old Polish hits from the interwar period: Hanka Ordonówna’s tango „Sam mi mówiłeś” (It’s You Who Told Me So) Artur Gold’s slowfox Gdy w Ogrodzie Botanicznym zakwitna bzy (When the Lilacs Will Bloom in a Botanic Garden) and another beautiful English waltz from the year 1939 „Trzy listy” (Three Letters) .

During the 1960s, Rena Rolska was one of the most popular singers in Poland. Born in 1932 in Warsaw, she had the interwar style in her veins. With her soft alto, she was able to create the genuine atmosphere of a small artistic café, somewhere in Nowy Świat street in prewar Warsaw, and in the communists-ruled Poland of the 1960s, her talent of mimicking the lost world of interwar Poland made her a favorite singer of older generation of Poles. She enjoyed popularity still in the 1970s, yet in 1980s she decided, her artistic identity cannot compete any longer with the rock madness in Poland and she ceased once and for good her artistic career.

The beautiful English waltz “Zawsze będzie czegoś ci brak” had been presented in this channell already twice: one version was Adam Aston’s and another – by Albert Harris . I think, Rena Rolska’s quality goes very well along with those two masters of Polish prewar chanson. This song belongs to a handful of last great hits of prewar era in Poland: published on records and sheet notes in turn of 1938/39 it immediately became an evergreen. It’s melancholic melody as well as text referring to a farewell and longing, was an appropriate addendum to a general mood of the Poles during the last months before catastrophe. I did my best to give some reflection of that atmosphere – which in a way, has reference to the last hours of the drowning Titanic – by presenting in my slideshow the last moments before invasion of the German army on Poland, on the 1st of September 1939.

ATTENTION to Everyone: I’m afraid, this clip must be my farewell to you for several days, when I’ll be travelling abroad. But I’ll see you back here in a little more than a week – and I hope to see you all in perfect state of mind and spirit. Cheeerioo! I’m leaving you for several days, but with Rena Rolska as a lovely hostess. See you soon 🙂

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