The Beatles – Misery

17 marca, 2015 3:43 am
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The Beatles – Misery 1963

„Misery” is a song performed by The Beatles on their album Please Please Me. It was co-written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. According to Lennon, „It was kind of a John song more than a Paul song, but it was written together.

In February 1963, Helen Shapiro was Britain’s most successful female singer (having first achieved chart success two years earlier at the age of 14)[4] and The Beatles were fifth on the bill as part of her nationwide tour of the UK. Her artist and repertoire manager, Norrie Paramor, was looking for new material for a country and western album she planned to record in Nashville, Tennessee and suggested that The Beatles compose a song especially for her.”Misery” was started backstage before The Beatles’ performance at the King’s Hall, Stoke-on-Trent, on 26 January 1963, and later completed at Paul McCartney’s Forthlin Road home. At the time, McCartney commented: „We’ve called it „Misery”, but it isn’t as slow as it sounds, it moves along at quite a pace, and we think Helen will make a pretty good job of it.” But Paramor considered it unsuitable, and so British singer and entertainer Kenny Lynch, who was on the same tour, recorded it instead (HMV Pop 1136), thus becoming the first artist to cover a Lennon/McCartney composition although he failed to enter the charts with it. In 1973, Lynch appeared in the cover photograph for McCartney’s album, Band on the Run.

When The Beatles needed original material for their Please Please Me LP they recorded it themselves, giving its treatment, according to writer Ian MacDonald, „a droll portrait of adolescent self-pity”. It was credited to McCartney and Lennon in that order, as were all other Lennon & McCartney originals on the Please Please Me album. The songwriting credit was changed to what would become the more familiar „Lennon/McCartney” for their second album, With The Beatles.

Normal studio multi-track tape speed at the time was 15 ips (inches per second), but „Misery” was recorded at 30 ips, as George Martin intended to personally add piano at a later date, and preferred playing this at half-tempo an octave below.

Helen Shapiro had starred in her own film called It’s Trad, Dad (released UK 16 April 1962) directed by Richard Lester, who later directed the Beatles’ films A Hard Day’s Night and Help!

* John Lennon — rhythm guitar, lead vocal
* Paul McCartney — bass guitar, lead vocal
* George Harrison — lead guitar
* Ringo Starr — drums
* George Martin — piano

In other news, I have added the lyrics to this song so you can sing along, or perhaps learn the song! This is how I learned my first Beatles song! Enjoy 🙂

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