Waltz „Pennsylvania” – Sława Przybylska, 1960

17 marca, 2015 3:08 am
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Sława Przybylska – Pensylwania (R.A. King Marian Hemar) Polskie Nagrania ca 1960

Sława PRZYBYLSKA (born 1932 in Miedzyrzec Podlaski, Poland) Polish singer, excellent performer of the ballades, Russian romances, old shtetl songs (dozens of them she recorded in Yddish, for Polskie Nagrania in 1960s and 1990s); also, to her favorites belong the new interpretations of prewar hits (e.g. Tango Notturno, Biały Boston, Już nigdy, Pensylwania). Her soft low voice is full of nostalgy and magnetism. By Sława Przybylska fans and I belong to them it is claimed, her interpretations of old English waltzes, tangos or slowfoxes are sometimes more fascinating and more intensely evoking the spirit of interwar European cafes and little stages, than originals.
„Pensylwania was composed by R.A. King and was first performed in Poland in 1930 by the singer and theatre actress, Maria Modzelewska. The beautiful, nostalgic text about someones memories of a long-ago love affair in Pennsylvania, where a bush of red roses was in bloom in front of a porch – was written by poet Marian Hemar, who was in love with her (…and later very unhappily married to).

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