The Browns – The Three Bells (1959).**

17 marca, 2015 3:19 am
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**The Browns Signature Song**…(Written by Bert Reinfeld & Jean Villard)…Recorded 1 June 1959 – (CHARTED 1959 #1) – [19:00-22:00] RCA Victor Studio, 1610 Hawkins St., Nashville 3, TN — Jim Ed Brown (vcl/gt/leader), Maxine Brown (vcl), Bonnie Brown (vcl) + Chet Atkins [el gt], Ray Edenton [gt], Bob Moore [bass], Buddy Harman [drums], Floyd Cramer [piano] + Anita Kerr Singers. Producer: Chet Atkins…….PIC SHOWS L-R Bonnie,Maxine & Jim Ed…They Sang Solo in Pine Bluff ARKANSAS until 1954 whem Maxine & Jim Ed signed a Record Contract as a Singing Duo…They Earned National Acclaim and a guest spot on Ernest Tubb’s Radio Show for Maxine’s Song „Looking Back To See”…Bonnie joined in 1955 (1st Recording Session 1st August) after Graduating from High School… Jim Ed, Maxine & Bonnie were active from 1955 to 1967 and occasionally in the 80’s…… In 2006 they performed „The Old Lamplighter” & „The Three Bells” for the PBS Special „Country Pop Legends”…Jim Ed Recorded Solo from 1965 to 1976 and Duets w/Helen Cornelius from 1976 to 1981…Jim Ed is still Performing at Age 79 in 2013

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